About us

Our story

"Can you just have a look at this"

When friends and family were asking for help with securing there new or small businesses, “..you know about IT, can you just have a look at this?  “.  

We came to realise that there wasn’t anything available that provided the complete set of tools and services required to protect them.  Most vendors and resellers are built to supply enterprise businesses.  The services that they offered weren’t bespoke enough for small businesses and the costs were just too great.

That’s why we started Safe & Secure IT Solutions, the complete Managed Security Services Provider dedicated to protecting and supporting small businesses.

  • Professional Team
  • Security Specialists
  • Zero Administration
  • Free Trial
  • 60+ Years Experience
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Affordable Solution
  • Agile Services

What We Offer

IT Security, Legal Compliance, GDPR, Cyber Essentials, Ransomware, these may be things that you don’t know about.  That’s OK, we don’t know how to build a house, fit a kitchen or fix a boiler.  We do however, know all about Compliance, Information Risk Management and delivering low cost effective Managed IT Security Services.

We understand small business

Every business was once a start up.
The Executive Team have all been involved with various businesses from start-up to sale.
Safe & Secure IT Solutions is a small business.

We work with you

Here at Safe & Secure IT Solutions we work with you so that we understand your business.
Providing advice, services and a solution custom built to your unique business requirements.


We deliver quality

At the heart of everything that we do is quality.
We have built quality into all our systems from the technology partners that we work with to the bespoke services that we deliver.

We provide the best service to clients

because it's provided by the best team

Security Specialist team

Our Executive Team have over 60 years experience within the IT Security Sector. Providing security advice, services and solutions to Enterprise Businesses, Public Sector and Educational Organisations around the World. 

John Smith

Chief Information Security Officer

Helen Phelan

Managing Director

Gemma Parker

Client Engagement Director